Why Krebs

We’re exceptional engineers and people you want to work with — a rare combination.

Let’s face it: engineers have a bit of a reputation for not being much fun to work with. Their brains are wired a little differently, which can make them seem a little aloof and unrelatable. But at Krebs, we’re different.

Sure, we’re talented, innovative engineers who know drinking water and wastewater facilities like the backs of our hands. But we also understand the value of good working relationships and the importance of making a project as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. Basically, we’re just hard-working, friendly people who care about our clients and do great work. There are a few other qualities we believe set Krebs apart from other firms — big and small.

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01 We’re common-sense engineers.

By that we mean we find the most practical solution to a problem. Not the most expensive. We aren’t trying to create the most complex solution so we can run up the bill. We’re focused on providing the best, most affordable, and most feasible solution to our clients’ problems.

02 We move quickly.

In this business, time is money. The longer a project takes, the more it costs. At Krebs, we have the resources in place to get a job started quickly, keep it on track, and wrap it up on time and within — if not under — budget.

03 We give our clients options.

In most cases, there are multiple ways to solve a problem. Some of those ways can be significantly more expensive than others. So, we give our clients options — different solutions with different price tags. Then they can decide which one is best for them.

04 We’re value-oriented.

We are totally opposed to giving our clients big expensive solutions that aren’t necessary. We’re all about giving our clients the best return on their investment. Our mantra is keep it simple and focus on value.

05 We’re amazing project managers.

We’re highly skilled engineers but we’re also outstanding project managers. For starters, we are meticulous when it comes to design and planning, so we don’t have to make changes mid-project. We also manage all the contactors so our clients don’t have to. Essentially, we know how to get jobs done — start to finish.

06 We’re innovative and creative.

We don’t have a this-is-how-it’s-always-been-done mindset. We’re always looking for new, imaginative ways to solve problems while improving efficiency and effectiveness, and reducing costs.

07 We are people you want to work with.

First and foremost, we’re a tightly knit group of people who genuinely enjoy working together. We have folks who are fresh out of school and those who have been in the business for decades — all who mesh effortlessly. We share a passion for solving problems and for being laser-focused on doing what’s best for our clients. Quite simply, we love what we do and love doing it together. And when a team works seamlessly, comfortably, and happily together, they deliver superior work and service for clients.

08 We hold ourselves to a high standard.

Giving the client a good solution for a fair price is important to us, as are integrity, honesty, fairness, friendliness, respect, and teamwork. And our clients realize this and appreciate it. In fact, the non-water-system projects we do are typically the result of having done a water-system project for a client. They were so impressed with our work and work ethic that they asked us to do other projects for them. And that’s perhaps one of the greatest compliments we can ever get.