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Birmingham: 205.987.7411
Montgomery: 334.271.0986






Sealed Bids for furnishing all materials, labor, tools, equipment and appurtenances necessary for the construction of the Garnsey Range Potable Water Well will be received at the Columbus Water Works, 1421 Veterans Parkway, Columbus, Georgia 31901, until 2:00 p.m., local time, on Thursday, March 26, 2020, and then at said location publicly opened and read aloud.

The Project consists of the following major elements:  The construction of approximately 40 GPM potable water well, including providing all necessary Georgia Environmental Protection Division testing and record keeping.

The work will be awarded in one (1) Contract.

The Instructions to Bidders, Bid, Contract Agreement, Drawings, Specifications and forms of Bid Bond, Performance Bond, Payment Bond and other Contract Documents may be examined at the following:

Columbus Water Works

1421 Veterans Parkway

Columbus, Georgia 31901

Krebs Engineering, Inc.

2100 River Haven Drive, Suite 100

P.O. Box 36309

Birmingham, AL  35236


Copies of Bidding Documents may be purchased from the Issuing Office of Krebs Engineering, Inc. Cost of Bidding Documents is $30.00 per set.  No part of the purchase price will be refunded.

Each Bid must be accompanied by a Bid Bond, prepared on the form of Bid Bond attached to the Contract Documents or a Surety Company’s Standard Bid Bond, duly executed by the Bidder as principal and having as surety thereon a surety company licensed to do business in the State of Georgia and listed as a certified company in the latest issue of U.S. Treasury Circular 570, in the amount of five percent of the Bid.

Equal Employment Opportunity Clause:  Bidders must comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity requirements specified in the Instructions to Bidders.

Minority Participation:  Bidders will be required to demonstrate their good faith efforts to achieve compliance with the Owner’s goal that a minimum of ten percent of the Bid Amount be done by Minority Owned Firms (MBE) and five percent of the Bid Amount be done by Women Owned Firms (WBE).

Employment of Local Businesses and Contractors:  It is the wish of the Owner that local businesses, including contractors, be given the opportunity to bid on the various parts of the work.

The desire on the part of the Owner to encourage participation of minority and locally owned businesses and contractors is not intended to restrict or limit competitive bidding or to increase the cost of the work.  The Owner supports a healthy, free market system that seeks to include responsible local businesses and provide ample opportunities for local business growth and development.

No bid may be withdrawn within 60 calendar days after the scheduled time for receipt of bids.

The Owner will in no way be liable for any costs incurred by any bidder in the preparation of its Bid in response to this Invitation to Bid.

The successful Bidder for this Contract will be required to furnish a satisfactory Performance Bond and Payment Bond each in the amount of 100 percent of the Bid.

The Owner reserves the right to reject all Bids, to waive informalities and to readvertise.


Steven R. Davis, P.E.




Donald Smith Company, Inc.
746 East Main St.
Headland, Alabama 36345

Greene’s Water Wells, Inc.
Jennifer Nunn

Sol Construction LLC.
Lorie Moore
4120 presidential Pkwy Ste 115
Atlanta, GA 30340