We’re a different kind of employer. Very different.

There are firms that hire people to simply fill positions. At Krebs Engineering, we hire people and let them explore the best possible role.


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01 We let you try everything.

We don’t relegate you to a single task. We don’t box you in or restrict your growth. We let you move and grow and discover what you are good at and what makes you happy. Seriously. We let you figure out where you fit best in the company. We think that’s pretty unique.

02 We provide comprehensive training.

We support all of our team members with training, education, and mentoring. Again, we’re all about encouraging exploration, growth, and passions. So we’ll provide the support that you need to discover your passion and develop your talents and skill-set.

03 We let you do real work.

Most recent grads assume their first job will be like an internship. That they’ll be the “newbies” watching but not actually involved. Not at Krebs. Every employee is included in real work and real tasks. We believe that develops a true sense of ownership and responsibility. Krebs is full of humble leaders willing to be involved in any role on any project. We’re a team and value every member’s experience, skills, and contributions — from day one.

04 We reward contributions and success.

There’s a misconception that small firms can’t provide the compensation and opportunity of large firms. At Krebs, we offer more-than-competitive compensation packages and we go the extra mile to reward you for your contributions while accelerating your career. Because we understand how valuable talented, passionate team members are, and we want them to stick around for a successful and an enjoyable career.

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