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Vaughn Road Water Main Improvements

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The Vaughn Road 24” Ductile Iron Water main was originally installed in the 1980s. The water main was primarily installed in a private easement that later developed into the backyards of a large subdivision. Over the years, the soils in this area of Montgomery have proven to be especially corrosive to Iron Pipe. After a decade of frequent main breaks and minor leaks, MWWSSB elected to replace the existing water main with PVC C900.

Prior to design, water modeling efforts determined that a 24” water main was no longer needed due to the expansion of the water system with looped connection and additional supply wells. Modeling efforts determined that a 16” water main was sufficient for the Board’s needs resulting in savings to the project.
The replacement water main was installed primarily in city ROW and behind the curb to facilitate future maintenance and reduce project costs. Installation required a lane shift for two months along the project length, which was necessary for the contractor to safely construct the project.

The project required seven water main connection transfers of 8” or larger piping and multiple smaller diameter service transfers. The project also required crossing two concrete lined storm ditches that flow year-round. These ditches were directionally drilled to minimize disturbance and reduce the project schedule.

Krebs provided construction administration services and maintained a resident field representative for the project, which was completed in two separately bid projects over the course of two years. The project was completed in 2020.

Project Location

Montgomery, Alabama

Project Owner

Montgomery Water Works and Sanitary Sewer Board (MWWSSB)

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