Swan Creek Trunk Sewer Cleaning and Lining

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Krebs worked with Athens to deploy flow monitoring equipment and identify areas of high infiltration and inflow within the Swan Creek Basin. Krebs performed a capacity analysis of the Swan Creek trunk sewer and identified sewer infrastructure that was adequately sized but deteriorating with age. Krebs identified pipelines ideal for cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining. After field inspecting approximately 35 manholes and grading sewer segments from CCTV, Krebs assembled bid documents for a sanitary sewer rehabilitation project.

The project consisted of CIPP lining approximately 7,300 linear feet of 12” through 18” trunk sewer. In addition, manhole lining, cleanout installation, and lateral lining were included in the project. Krebs provide field inspection services for the construction phase. Upon the project’s completion, the flow monitoring results are indicating a reduction in infiltration and inflo, which is reducing the number of sanitary sewer overflows (SSO).

Project Location

Athens, Alabama

Project Owner

City of Athens

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