Huntsville Brownsferry Road Regional Lift Station and Sanitary Sewer Development

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As a long-time client, Athens Utilities engaged Krebs to design a new regional lift station to serve areas around the I-65 and Huntsville Brownsferry Road corridor. With the imminent sanitary sewer needs of fast-moving developments, Krebs worked to obtain ALDOT permits and easements and design a fully functional pump station capable of handling the future sanitary sewer demands. To keep pace with the rapidly growing commercial and residential sector, the pump station was built with the future in mind, incorporating features to provide additional capacity and the latest technologies to handle the changing needs of the area.

The project included approximately 5,750 linear feet of 12-inch diameter PVC gravity sewer, a 700 GPM sanitary sewerage lift station capable of pumping 1,100 GPM when necessary, 15,300 linear feet of 12″ HDPE force main, 9,400 linear feet of 24″ HDPE force main, two (2) tie-ins to existing force main piping, and a connection to the headworks of the Athens Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project also included a natural gas powered backup pump and odor control. The project’s timely completion is a testament to Krebs’ commitment to providing high-quality infrastructure that meets the needs of our clients, businesses, and residents alike.

Project Location

Athens, Alabama

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City of Athens Utilities

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