Highway 227 Force Main

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Guntersville Water and Sewer Board (GWSB) engaged Krebs Engineering to investigate the issues in its wastewater system, develop recommendations for improvements, and design and administer the construction of the necessary projects. Two of the recommended improvements included a new 24-inch diameter force main across Lake Guntersville and an expansion of the system’s largest lift station. Due to minimal space availability on the existing causeway, the new 24-inch diameter force main was routed across the levee that protects the town from Lake Guntersville and was designed to be installed in Lake Guntersville. This required 3,000 linear feet of restrained joint pipe to be installed by barges and sunk into a trench across the bottom of the lake. Additionally, the project required a bored encasement under ALDOT and CSX ROW. The result of the project increased station flow capacity from 4.5MGD to 12MGD, eliminating recurring wet weather sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) in the project area and providing a redundant force main across the lake.

Project Location

Guntersville, Alabama

Project Owner

Guntersville Water and Sewer Board

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Project Stage