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The big firm expertise you need with the small firm relationship you want.

At Krebs Engineering, we believe our size is one of our greatest assets. We’re small, nimble, and responsive. We build relationships and enjoy working with our clients. Our service is second to none. And, because of our size and efficiency, we can save our clients time and money.

Rest assured, however, that going with a small firm doesn’t mean sacrificing expertise. Our engineers will put their brainpower, knowledge, and experience up against big firm engineers any day of the week.

Truth is, at Krebs Engineering, we have all the expertise of a big firm with the responsive relationship only a small firm can deliver.

Learn About Our Approach

Our capabilities are broad and our expertise is extensive.

01 Who We Work With

  • Municipalities
  • County and city water resource boards
  • Universities
  • Healthcare companies

02 Where We Operate

  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • Georgia

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  • 01 / 06

    I have demanded a lot of Krebs over the years. I have set short deadlines, requested overnight proposals and given less than a day notice of meetings that are more than a 3-hour drive. Each request is met with a positive response and a show of gratitude for the work. The work they do for me is always a priority. I can count on Krebs without question.

    Environmental Project Manager/Attorney

  • 02 / 06

    I know that when I call Krebs with a problem, they will respond and answer our questions quickly. They use common sense to develop solutions that are typically simple and economical.

    General Manager, Municipal Utilities Board of Albertville, AL

  • 03 / 06

    Krebs has developed a corporate culture of responsiveness and flexibility and CWW has come to expect and appreciate Krebs’ desire to do whatever the circumstances require to resolve our issues.

    President, Columbus Water Works

  • 04 / 06

    One of the hallmarks of the Krebs firm is an unwavering commitment to being available whenever we need them and providing timely responses to issues. Krebs has a highly collaborative internal culture which encourages regularly seeking input from numerous staff members during the schematic and detailed design phases of the work as well as when a project is under construction.

    Former Opelika Utilities General Manager

  • 05 / 06

    We have partnered on numerous design and construction projects, including WTP upgrades, Pre-Treatment Systems, and WTP Filter Renovations. We have developed confidence with Krebs and their ability to understand the Owner's desire, then develop a reasonable goal. They communicate extremely well with operational staff to encourage their input and are responsive to their ideas.

    General Manager, Municipal Utilities Board of Albertville, AL

  • 06 / 06

    I have called Krebs late at night with a problem, and within an hour, they had another utility willing to drive to Anniston to resolve it. Krebs has always met deadlines and resolved any issues in a professional and timely manner. Krebs is always available…I do not hesitate to call them, regardless of the time of day. They have proven numerous times that they know their job well and are fine people to work with on top of that.

    General Manager, Anniston Water Works and Sewer Board

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Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame Award

2017 Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame Inductee

Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame Award

2016 Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame

Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame Award

Multiple ACEC Grand Awards

Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame Award

Multiple ACEC Awards of Merit for Engineering Excellence

We build relationships that last.

  • Columbus Water Works

    Since 2003

  • Auburn University

    Since 1986

  • Municipal Utilities Board of the City of Albertville

    Since 1955

  • Anniston Wate Works and Sewer Board

    Since 1944

  • Opelika Utilities

    Since 1928

  • Jasper Water Works

    Since 1955

  • Jefferson County Alabama

    Since 1926

  • Alabaster Water

    Since 1955

  • Athens

    Since 1947